Marie Carbo discusses
Colored Overlays with students
NRSI® Colored Overlays Reduce
Dyslexia Quickly and Dramatically

Nothing cures dyslexia absolutely, but our amazing Colored Overlays
have made a tremendous difference in the lives of dyslexics.


How NRSI Colored Overlays
Improve Learning Immediately

For some people, looking at black letters on white paper causes headaches and eye fatigue, or words may seem to shake, move, or reverse. The correct colored overlay can dramatically reduce visual distortions or discomfort and improves reading and learning ability.

Who is helped by Colored Overlays?
NRSI Colored Overlays can help individuals with:



Before and After Using Colored Overlays
Student copies words
that are printed on a
white page.
The correct colored overlay is placed over the white page. Then the student copies the same words.

• Letter or word reversals
• Eye strain, headaches
• Problems tracking words or    numbers on a page
• Problems copying

• Difficulty reading for long    periods of time
• Slow, halting reading
• Poor comprehension


Why Students Read and Write Better

Students who see letters, numbers, pictures or objects sliding, reversing, shaking, and/or doubling often have visual dyslexia. All that movement makes learning to read extremely difficult. The correct colored overlay placed over a page of print can stop or reduce the movement and enable the student to read.

When these same youngsters try to copy a page of print, their letters, words, and numbers show the distortions they actually see. Fortunately, when the correct colored overlay is placed over that same page of print, the movement stops, students perceive the words and numbers as they really are and write them correctly.


It's easy to use Colored Overlays
Step 1 - Order our Complete Sampler Colored Overlay                Assessment Kit.
Step 2 - Place each of the 24 colored overlays in the kit, one at                a time, over a page of print. Select the colored overlay                that makes the print the clearest and easiest to read.
Step 3 - Order more of the individual color or colors that work                best.

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See It Right! Program
Developed by Dorothy Henson-Parker

See it Right! DVD Trainers show how to identify the most effective colored overlay for a student. (See online store for Assessment Starter Kit)

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